OUR ArtProjects

OUR ArtProjects is one of the most suitable names to be used for an art space. As it means, it is a collective space for art and culture to the demonstrated and that is what it is intended to do.

Background of the space

OUR ArtProjects was started in 2013. Then, it operated and was initially founded to be an art consultancy and project platform. It then grew and developed to become an art gallery. The uniqueness of OUR ArtProjects lies not only in its space but in its location and the surroundings. It is housed within a row of shophouses built during the 1950s and given some restoration works.
Today, OUR ArtProjects provide an exciting and contemporary space that allow artists to fully manifest their works and express themselves better. This includes all types of visual artworks that are put on show including paintings, sculptures, installations and such. Besides that, OUR ArtProjects continues to build the platform to connect the community with some of the best works and modern expressions from practitioners within and outside Malaysia.


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