Pelita Hati Gallery of Art

The Pelita Hati Gallery of Art is a visual arts gallery located in the heart of federal capital, Kuala Lumpur. It has a luxurious and comfortable environment which makes it an ideal place for the viewing of art and experiencing of culture.

Background of the gallery

The Pelita Hati Gallery of Art opened its doors in 1995 and since then, it has grown and flourished into becoming one of the major art platforms in Malaysia. What makes Pelita Hati such an exciting place for art is the fact that it promotes space.
Housed within a bungalow unit in Bangsar Baru, this is where art is exuded and creativity cultivated to its maximum.

Over the years, the Pelita Hati Gallery of Art has been actively promoting Malaysian artists within its exhibition space. This is one gallery that showcases the works of both emerging as well as up and coming Malaysian contemporary artists. In promoting new art form collaborations, artists are encouraged to venture into new areas of artforms, new mediums and surely be more expressive in producing art. The gallery, apart from hosting exhibitions are involved in consultancy, design and interior works as well.


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