Penang State Art Gallery

Prominent state art gallery

A state art gallery has very heavy responsibilities to bear. For the state of Penang, the Penang State Art Gallery is often seen in high regards because it is the state that has produced some of the most prominent and established Malaysian artists over the years.

A wide range of artworks

The gallery very much represents the collection of art of the state. Covering modern, traditional and contemporary art from Malaysia and beyond, it addresses various issues through the exhibitions held here. This is where you get to see works from its non-circulating collection that covers the likes of prints, drawings, photography, design, performance arts, sculpture, paintings and architecture, to name a few.

Shows and services

The Penang State Art Gallery is an exciting art space that exudes a lot of artistic energy, particularly from the local artists here. Over the years, it has worked and collaborated with countless organisations and artists both from the local and international art scenes. Exhibitions have been held at the Dewan Sri Pinang, offering a large space to showcase their respective bodies of work. This is in the effort to provide the platform not only for art but in the preservation and appreciation of heritage and history of art of the state and the country as a whole.


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