Pipal Fine Art

Background of Pipal Fine Art

The Pipal Fine Art gallery is one of the most established art galleries in Malaysia where it once operates from its space at the Gardens, Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur.

Founders of the gallery

It is the brainchild of Hoe Say Yong and his wife, Angie Lee who are no strangers to managing art galleries as they were instrumental in developing Artfolio into becoming one of the most well known galleries in the country. Say Yong’s experience stem from his interior designing roots while Angie has been working relentlessly and gaining much experience through her work in gallery management.

Pipal Fine Art today

Today, Pipal Fine Art is one of the exclusive and sought after art spaces around where they provide art and design consultancy for its corporate and individual clients everywhere.

More about Pipal Fine Art

Before venturing into this industry, Artfolio was actually an extension of the venture of Say Yong who was into interior design. This came about in Singapre before establishing its stand in City Square in Ampang. It would then move to Avenue K before to Jalan Jelatek where it was one of the most popular art spaces in the Klang Valley.

The Pipal Fine Art name

The name of the gallery came from the Pipal tree. This is one tree which is known for longeveity, stong roots and huge size. This tree grew outside the home of the founders in their hometown Janda Baik. In 2013, Pipal Fine Art expanded its wings to China where it opened the Pipal Gallery in Guangzhou’s Canton Place. This serves as a bridge which will bring together the different cultures while expanding the horizon for the artists represented by the gallery. Today, Pipal Fine Art is involved not only in exhibitions but bringing together art lovers and artists to enjoy the host of artworks available. Besides that, Pipal Fine Art is involved in providing projects, commissioned works, rental of art and event management, among others.


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