Piyadasa Gallery

Named after prominent artist

The Piyadasa Gallery is an art gallery hosted in the Cultural Centre at University of Malaysia. The name Piyadasa is no stranger to anyone in the regional art scene. Named after Redza Piyadasa, one of the most established artists of our generation, this gallery provides the perfect art space for artists both from within and outside the university.

Events and spaces

Each year, the Piyadasa Gallery hosts exhibitions for artists, most notably students who are in the studio classes in need of an exhibition space. This is where knowledge is exchanged and information transferred between the learners and the teachers of the Malaysian art scene. Critiques are provided and resourced offered in order to further improve. At the Piyadasa Gallery, activities and events are held mostly as an extracurricular activity where there are exhibitions specially curated for every purpose.

Part of Cultural Centre

The UM’s Cultural Centre was established back in 1970. Then, it was a Culture Unit housed under the Office of Public Affairs before changing its name some 5 years later. In 1997, the role and responsibilities of the Cultural Centre was further expanded and today has become a major mover in the cultural and arts scene.

Piyadasa Gallery
c/o UM Cultural Centre
University Malaya,
Lembah Pantai,
50603 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3-7967 3454


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