Rimbun Dahan

Rimbun Dahan is one of the most sought after art spaces in the country. Located along Jalan Kuang near to Kuala Selangor, Rimbun Dahan is housed within the small forest here which is owned by renowned architect Hijjas Kasturi and his wife, Angela who aim to offer the space for artists to fulfill their calling.

Greenery and art

The gallery is housed within the 14 acres of land here in which there is a complete eco-system for the artist to fully fulfill the works. This is where Rimbun Dahan provides the space for selected artists to join in the residency programme. Throughout the course of the residency, the artist will produce a series of artworks inspired by the stay there. After the residency is over, the artist will have the works displayed at the exhibition space.

Over the years, the Rimbun Dahan programme has been participated by emerging artists going out to chart their spot in the art scene and also by established artists. This involves artists who are looking for an alternative space to find new inspiration and to get away from the usual routine to derive new works.


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