Ruang Pemula

Unique name

Ruang Pemula in its own way will attract art lovers by virtue of its unique name. With its artistic name and impression, it immediately strikes the interest from the art lover from the get go.

Background and founders

Ruang Pemula is the brainchild of lawyers Pakhruddin and Fatimah Sulaiman. They bot started collecting art in the 1990s. That was when Malaysian art was scene at being in the golden age. Emerging artists then would have become established by now.

Reputation and exhibition

The collection they garnered then were stored in Ruang Pemula or known in short as RuPe. The couple used this space to showcase their collection so intricately where it has some of the early works of some very established Malaysian artists today.

Collection of artworks

Today, RuPe has a very exciting combination of artworks covering photography, sculpture and paintings, to name a few. This space, which was once a storeroom is now home to some of the most exciting Malaysian and regional art pieces. In fact, it is where you can learn more about the humble beginnings of some of the prominent Malaysian artists today.


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