Sekeping Tenggiri

Anyone who has been in the Malaysian art scene long enough will know who Mr Ng Seksan. A prominent collector and practitioner in the arts industry, the Sekeping name has become almost synonymous with him.

Exciting art space

Sekeping Tenggiri is located in Bangsar, often seen as a nucleus location for Malaysian art. When this space started, it was used as an art warehouse that kept the art collection of Seksan. Since then, it has grown with more artwork collected and today it is known that his collection number more than 400.

Guesthouse and gallery

Sekeping Tenggir now operates as a luxury guesthouse. It is very uniquely designed to offer guests a unique experience when staying here. After all, it double functions as an art gallery. There are more than 200 pieces of artworks here which can be viewed when guests stay here. It has a secret entrance which adds to the unique experience for the guests. Inside Sekeping Tenggiri is an art wonder and this is where the viewer can witness some of the most exciting and daring works by young artists. This is among the criteria that determines the type of artworks Seksan collects.


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