Shalini Ganendra Fine Art (SGFA)

The Shalini Ganendra Fine Art has a very diverse and holistic approach when it comes to Malaysian art. It is a very prominent art space that aims at bridging the best of the artists the gallery represents.

Background and location

Shalini Ganendra Fine Art is located in Section 16 in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. This art space is very unique as it is not merely a space that shows paintings. Known more fondly as SGFA, it is a space that provides the platform to showcase not only local works but for Asian contemporary art.

Growing art gallery

As such, SGFA is among the fast growing art galleries in the country today. While some galleries are often associated with the common art exhibitions, SGFA represents artists and promote a diverse and unique set of bodies of works. It has in its portfolio artists like Zac Lee, Eric Peris, Khalil Ibrahim and Ruyi Tan, among others.
This allow SGFA to offer a wide range of medium to its viewers and collectors, often pushing the boundaries of Malaysian art from the common offerings. Apart from that, SGFA is involved in other art-related events like talks, advisory services and consultancy where necessary.


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