Starhill Gallery

Starhill Gallery Arts Festival

In conjunction with the currently going on 1MCAT or 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism event, there will be a Starhill Gallery Arts Festival held at the Starhill Shopping Center. This is the second time the festival is being held where there would be many art pieces on show at the Adorn floor of the mall. The works here which are produced by some of the most promising as well as established contemporary artists around Malaysia are those which have been selected for the upcoming Visual Arts Awards.

The exhibition will be themed, ‘Inspiration of Tomorrow’ where there will be 28 pieces in total. The artwork will be judged by a list of some very prominent figures like Dato Dr Mohamad Najib Ahmad Dawa and Dato Raja Zahabuddin bin Raja Yaacob from the National Art Gallery, Puan Zanita Binti Anuar from the Department o Museums as well as Dr Krishna Gopal Rampal and Dr Choong Kam Kow where the artists will be vying for the top 3 prizes of RM10,000. The judges’ decision will determine 2 of the winners while the third winner will be determined through public voting on Facebook and through the iPads placed at the space. The art pieces exhibited here are also for sale where 10% of the sale will be channeled to House of Joy.


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