Suma Orientalis

The Suma Orientalis is a unique name for an art gallery. It came from 2 words which came from Sanskrit and Latin. Suma means Flower while Orientalist is Latin for Land in the East. In other words, it is intended to mean the Flower of the East, suitable to represent an art space.

Background of the art space

First inspired from the word Suma Oriental by Tome Pires almost a hundred years ago, this art gallery is the brainchild of Kris Lee and Sophia Shung. The former is the Artistic Director of the company and is a professional Arts Appraiser where he specializes in areas like Southeast Asian Fine Arts and in Chinese Ceramics. A trained Art Auctioneer, he started the company with the Executive Director, Sophia who is also a Fine Arts Appraiser. She is also a trained Art Auctioneer where she is educated in Persuasive Communications.


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