TAKSU Kuala Lumpur

Taksu KL is widely considered to be one of the most established art galleries in Malaysia. Established in 1989, Taksu has been imperative in the development of the Malaysia art scene ever since.

Regional presence

Taksu’s presence was mainly focused in Malaysia. However, it has been growing very rapidly over the years so much so that Taksu has become a prominent name in the regional art industry. In fact, it is among the leading art spaces in Southeast Asia having worked with all types of artists and collectors alike.

Events and shows

As such, it is no surprise that Taksu has been involved in all types of art shows including group and solo exhibitions. Taksu KL has brought out the best of local artists, showcasing their bodies of work to collectors, art lovers and the general public. Over the years, Taksu KL has grown to other countries where it now has a gallery in Singapore. Besides exhibitions, Taksu KL provides other art-related services including consultation, professional advise as well as in design and such. What makes Taksu such an interesting option is its focus not only in art but also in the development and progression of the artists it represent.


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