The Amy Hashim Arts Gallery

Highly exciting artist

While the name Amy Hashim might not ring a lot of bells in the Malaysian art scene, this is one artist who has already made a lot of progress in recent years. Unknown to many, Amy Hashim’s artwoks have been seen in many places. She is among the artists who showed her art in one of the most popular TV3 programme, Nona. In fact, Amy sold her first commissioned work when she was only 11.

Background of Amy Hashim

Amy knew her calling in the arts when she was very young. Although she has been producing art both on and off the media, she actually charted her career in other areas while simultaneously pursuing her passion. It was later when she started fine-tuning her art skills through classes before going full time as an artist. She then had her first exhibition in the United States and today has her own practice outlet in Malaysia.

Holistic Art Centre

Today, Amy Hashim hosts her own art gallery where it functions both as a shop and her painting studio as well, showcasing some of the best artworks for the art-loving Malaysian public community.

AHA Studio & Gallery
2nd Floor, 2A,
Jalan USJ 17/13A,
47630 Subang Jaya
Tel: +6012 670 0114


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