Wei-Ling Gallery Brickfields

Top art gallery

Possibly the most popular art galleries in Malaysia at the moment, Wei-Ling Gallery is one of the two channels run by Wei-Ling. This gallery has been around for more than a decade which has grown and developed similarly to the art scene of the country.

Non stop art events

Over the years, Wei-Ling Gallery has cultivated a lot of exciting art exhibitions. This has brought about a lot of new works by both emerging and established artists. Besides holding art exhibitions, the gallery has been involved in various art-related events which include art auctions and talks as well.

Expanding the network

Besides Wei-Ling Contemporary at The Gardens Mall, Wei-Ling recently opened its third branch in northern state Penang. Throughout the years, Wei-Ling Gallery has established itself to be a major player in the Malaysian art scene. After all, the owner of the gallery has been one of the major advocates of Malaysian art for many years. In fact, Wei-Ling has been actively promoting Malaysian artists not only within the country but has brought some of the best artworks to other countries including the Art Stage Singapore, Art Stage Jakarta and as far as the United States and Europe as well.


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