Zinc Art Space

The Zinc Art Space in Bangsar is one of the most unique galleries around Kuala Lumpur today. In fact, it is not the conventional type of gallery which Malaysians are so accustomed to. If you are looking for a straightforward visit and buy type of gallery, then the Zinc Art Space might be offering you with a different type of experience.

Prominent Space

The Zinc Art Space is located along the prestigious Jalan Maarof which means that it is impossible to miss it if you are travelling along Bangsar. Housed among other prestigious design houses, car boutiques and upscale businesses, you will see all types of artwork produced by renowned and aspiring Malaysian artists.

Multi-dimensional space

Zinc Art Space is known as an innovative and multi-dimensional art space which means that they will promote and demonstrate any art form which are not only in 2-dimensional form like paintings and such. You will find exhibitions of installations and even performance arts when they come around.

Shows and events

Apart from the usual art collections and exhibitions, Zinc Art Space bring about all types of art related shows and that would include photography, art toy collectibles and even art talks and dialogues whenever possible. Zinc Art Space is in support of the development of contemporary art of Malaysia where they hold short term art events throughout the calendar year. Sculptures and other art form are also put on show throughout where you can expect a wide range of popular artists from within and beyond Malaysia.

Immersing into art here

The Zinc Art Space is open to anyone where you can just walk in and be immersed with the intriguing artwork of contemporary and legendary artists of Malaysia or to enjoy a bit of art in any dimensional form be it photography, installations, paintings or to talk about art over coffee with the people in the gallery. Sadly, Zinc Art Space is no more in business as of mid 2012.


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