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Arts.com.my is one of the most exciting movers of the Malaysian art scene recently having pushed Malaysian arts into a whole new realm and platform for artists and practitioners to exhibit and showcase their work.

Our mission at Arts.com.my is simple, that is to promote the art industry both within Malaysia and abroad. This is the most ideal platform for everybody to engage and indulge into the arts where we bring the most relevant and interesting happenings around the art scene to your fingertips.

At Arts.com.my, we are committed to bring out the best of arts onto the global and regional scale through our team of experienced and seasoned staff who have been in this line for more than 10 years now. This makes us the most exciting place to be for everyone involved in the art scene like artists, collectors, art-lovers, enthusiasts or just about anyone who wants to know about art.

Updates and happenings
Arts.com.my brings to you the latest happenings and news of the art scene both locally and internationally. Here is where you will find the latest events and art exhibitions that are taking place around the country with a preview of what to expect and those who are involved. We will bring you information about the shows and exhibitions as well as any other art-related events and keep you updated at all times.

Artists Profiles
In Arts.com.my, we bring you a comprehensive record of Malaysian artist profiles where you can learn more about them and find out about their respective backgrounds. Our profiles include pictures of the artists and some of their known body of work to bring you up to speed with our Malaysian art scene.

Arts.com.my events
Occasionally, we will be organising our own shows and events. Make a date with our calendar at Arts.com.my where we will keep you informed about any upcoming events like art competitions and exhibitions organized by us. By being a member of our community, you will enjoy special privileges and benefits at these events that include discounts, first-hand information as well as special sessions with the artists themselves.

Art Marketplace
We have a thriving art marketplace at Arts.com.my. This is where you will be able to buy and sell art works from the established as well as emerging artists around the region. Aspiring artists can use the marketplace here to showcase their work and sell them to anyone who is interested.

Apart from art like paintings and sculptures, our marketplace is also designed to cater for the trading of antiques and other items. Contact us if you have any valuable antiques that you would like to sell off in the market.

Art Valuation
Have a piece of painting but would like to know how much they are worth? Arts.com.my offers art valuation services where we will be able to help you gauge the value of your art be it a painting, a sculpture, antique or an installation. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the logistics of valuing your art.

Art Guides
While Arts.com.my provide all the current issues and news to you, we also ensure that we bring to you the relevant knowledge of the arts and its techniques. Here is where you will find a wide range of resources and guides which will help you understand and learn the tools of the trade while cultivating your love for the arts.

The Mastermind behind Arts.com.my

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Our portals are highly customized and relevant that runs across the likes of news, arts, sports, entertainment, leisure, business, economy and many others. As experts in these fields, we are well equipped to bring the best out of your advertising dollars. We can create a special niche for all types of business which can be customized for your company’s needs and requirements.

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We operate from our offices in Malaysia and Melbourne thereby offering us a comprehensive network to fulfil the needs of your customers and partners. Feel free to contact us for any collaborations, partnerships as well as investment opportunities. We are always ready to listen to you and your company’s plans and targets and will do our best to help you achieve them.



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