Solo Show – And In The Pale Light of the Shadow – 4th March 2014 – 30th March 2014

malaysia-katehuntThe ChinaHouse Art Space is currently hosting a solo art exhibition which will be featuring the works of Penang born Kate Hunt. The 63-year old artist who moved out of Penang when she was only 18 months old can barely remember much from her childhood there except for images she sees on black and white photographs left behind.

The family had moved to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1952 and she came back to Penang in November 2011 on her 60th birthday and connected with her birthplace almost immediately. What she heard from her parents and old images, she had the chance to experience them in real life. She has lived in England, Germany and the Middle East throughout her youth while in her adult years, she spent quite some time in India which provides a lot of inspiration.

This show will feature her works inspired by her search for the lost memories and her venturing into those she can associate with. The exhibition will involve 40 pieces of artwork, most of which were completed in Penang since she came back and how her memories were invoked and reemerged and that is what she is attempting to demonstrate in this show.

Opening hours: Daily – 9.00am to 11.00pm



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