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April 1, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic – What will now become of Artists?

The artworld is one that engages face-to-face interactions. Over the years, art exhibitions and...
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February 9, 2018

Biggest mural in Sarawak in Wisma Vasty

A 567-meter mural painting was recently unveiled in Sibu, Sarawak. This was on the wall of Wism...
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January 15, 2016

Shows to look out for around Art Stage Singapore

Art Stage Singapore 2016 has excited everyone related in the art scene in a regional and global...
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January 14, 2016

Ai Weiwei’s backlash forces Lego to change bulk buy policy

Worldwide toymaker and brick-toy leader Lego has announced that it will reverse its policy on b...
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January 12, 2016

Wei-Ling Gallery brings Malaysia art to Art Stage Singapore 2016

Once again, Wei-Ling Gallery is participating in the annual Art Stage Singapore 2016 which is s...
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January 11, 2016

Top Graffiti Art in Klang Valley

Graffiti art was once associated with the likes of vandalism but since this street art became m...
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January 8, 2016

Artist uses feather as canvas, causes a whole new dimension in art.

In what is seen as a delicate and very much unprecedented move, Cynthia Henry has used a very u...
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January 7, 2016

First All-Female Show ever for Saatchi Gallery

For anyone who knows the art scene across the world, London’s Saatchi Gallery will be no strang...
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July 7, 2015

Hitler’s Painting auctioned for €391,000

The name Adolf Hitler must resonate a lot of mixed feelings and impressions. He goes by dictato...
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July 6, 2015

TIGA – Intricate paper works in Kickstarter Project

If you are an art lover and advocates Malaysian art, then you should get involved with the Kick...
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