Victorian Theatre Company (VTC)

Although the VTC or Victorian Theatre Company is one of the lesser known performing arts centres in Malaysia, it has been actively participating in this creative art form industry for many years. Known fondly as Victorian Theatre, the VTC was established in 2002 where it was aimed at nurturing new and aspiring artists in the performing arts arena.

That VTC has been instrumental in bringing out these artists where they have been involved in various stages of offering their talents to the Malaysian public ranging from conceptualization, planning and the holding of these shows.

VTC first gained public notice when it was the first productions to be held at the Actors Studio in Greenhall in Penang through its play entitled Port Klang Harbour which was co-written by established artists Iqmal Shafiq, Govin Ruben, Vinod Patmanathan and Kiran Dev.

The play was produced by Lee Yee Yang and was co-directed by Avinash Pradhan and Felicity Burbridge which took place in 2002

After that, the VTC would embark onto another major event when they hosted the ‘Sightings & High Tide’ show by David Mamet which was directed by David Lim and also produced by Yee Yang.

Apart from stage performances and such, the VTC is also actively involved in offering courses in speech and drama where they offer a wide range of classes for children and adults to learn the different skills of this art form. An advocate of ‘Theatre for the Young, by the Young’, the VTC works to cultivate the talent of artists and to help them develop further.

Apart from that, the VTC is also aimed at spreading better awareness for the appreciation of this art form among the Malaysian public through its events and programmes.

Hence, the VTC had recently joined Education Ventures Sdn Bhd in providing Speech and Drama classes to the latter’s private secondary schools namely Sekolah Seri Suria and Sekolah Seri Cahaya. Through their classes with Education Ventures Sdn Bhd, VTC is able to teach the students about the beauty of this art while they are also involved with the development and nurturing of other skill sets like poetry, choral speaking, storytelling, speaking, speech training and many more.

These courses and training programmes are designed to be highly interactive where they are aimed to cultivate the students to better express themselves through the respective art forms.

Within the premises of the VTC, there are various spaces available to hold many types of events and activities which include a space for small productions while the VTC is also used for activities like workshops, classes, meetings and gatherings.

There is a library collection at VTC where one can buy and sell literature as well as a fully air-conditioned space with shower and kitchen facilities ideal for rehearsals and other events.

The resident producer at VTC is Lee Yee Yang who is also the primary mover of the company while Sums Selvarajan is the General Manager of VTC. Production management responsibilities are undertaken by Farah Siru where together they bring some of the most innovative and exciting programmes to the Malaysian art loving crowd.

Victorian Theatre Company

#21-2A, 2nd floor, Jalan 3/125D,
Desa Petaling,
57100 kuala lumpur, malaysia.
Tel: +60 (3) 9057 0813
email: [email protected], [email protected]


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