PJ Live Arts

The PJ Live Arts is one of the most recently established performing arts centre in the Klang Valley

Located in Petaling Jaya, one of the most rapidly developing townships in Selangor, the PJ Live Arts have become one of the most popular spots that hold several types of shows and events in the performing arts genre where it has already hosted countless sold-out shows and events since it was established.

The PJ Live Arts was set up in 2009 and it has grown from its humble beginnings into becoming one of the preferred performing arts centres of Malaysia.

Developed to be the performing arts centre of the neighbourhood, the PJ Live Arts have become the place where Malaysian from all walks of life come and enjoy a show at the theatre while it has also attracted people from all over the country through some of their most popular shows throughout the calendar year.

Here is where one will be able to enjoy shows, performances, dances and dramas while the PJ Live Arts has also become one of the most popular stand-up comedy spaces in the country.

Its signature annual event is the Laugh Fest where it has brought together some of the best comedians from the local and international scene together in its biggest annual comedy event in Malaysia.

The PJ Live Arts have hosted shows that has achieved international and regional recognition

While it is also the resident venue for some of the best comedy shows the country has ever seen that include the likes of the Comedy Club KL, the M.A.C.C (The Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians), the Cantus Musicus, Gardner & Wife Theatre as well as the Sutra Dance Theatre.

The PJ Live Arts surely have come a long way to become one of the top destinations not only within Selangor but also the country where apart from its theatre, the PJ Live Arts also houses its own studio which is used for related events like the Children’s Rights Reborn – with Children’s Voices by NGO Knowing Children.

Apart from that, PJ Live Arts also offer space for other related events and this include seminars, space for product launches, workshops and rehearsals, all of which that can be held at their studio. Apart from that, the PJ Live Arts had also recently added a new space called the Cabaret which is focused in bringing in
performances in music, magic, stories and others.

The PJ Live Arts has already established itself firmly as the premier space for the development and promotion of performing arts in Malaysia where among its notable shows that has been held here include the ‘Not Guilty’ show by the Comedy Club starring two of Malaysia’s top comedians, Allan Pereira and Indi Nadaraja, the ‘Projek Disko Baldi in Love’ show, the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (MACC) show featuring Douglas Lim as well as monthly performances by the Comedy Club as well as the Gardener & Wife’s theatre for kids installation, among many others which are all managed and organized by a team of highly reputable artists with their own successes and reputation.

PJ Live Arts

Management Office

L-18-1 Palm Square@Jaya One
72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6012 684 6099 / +6012 689 4099
Website: pjlivearts.my


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