August 29, 2011

The Contemporary Art Scene of Malaysia

Malaysia has a very healthy and competitive art scene, more so if it involves contemporary art. In saying this, contemporary art could be very subjective as […]
July 22, 2011
malaysian design invention society

Malaysian Invention & Design Society

A very significant year. Tun Dr. Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia become a member of MINDS. MINDSMART, the commercial arm to market innovations was launched. Ladyminds, […]
June 17, 2011
What type of art to buy?

What type of art to buy?

Before deciding what type of art you want to buy there are a few factors that you must consider. The most important element would of course […]
May 17, 2011

Charcoal Painting

Charcoal  is a black residue produced as a result of slow pyrolysis with the  heating of sugar, bone char, wood and other substances due to lack […]
May 17, 2011

Oil Painting

Oil  painting is the art of painting with oils. A method of painting using  pigments bounded with drying oil or linseed oil, the technique was first […]
May 17, 2011


Sketch  is a rough outline drawing that is not intended as a final work. It is  one of the quickest ways to store an inspiration for […]
May 17, 2011

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting  techniques work with polymer-based acrylic paint. A fast-drying paint  suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion, acrylic paint can be diluted with  water. The unique characteristic […]
May 17, 2011

Watercolour Painting

Watercolour is a  painting method in which paints are made of colour floating in a water  soluble medium. The common support for watercolour paintings are paper,  […]
March 5, 2011

Angela Hijjas

Angela Hijjas is perhaps one of the most distinguished movers in the Malaysian art scene. Married to renowned architect Hijjas Kasturi, the high profile couple has […]
March 12, 2010
The 3As you need to know about the artist

The 3As you need to know about the artist

As a collector, you must know what art you are buying from and from whom. This is the most natural and important information you will need […]