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Digital Art

Digital art is one of the more modern art form where it incorporates digital technology as part of the process in making art. Despite the name that suggests that it is a very modern area, digital art actually has been around since the 1970s where it has been associated with many different names and labels that include computer and multimedia art due to the media that has been used to produce such art work. The advancement of technology meant that digital art has become not only part of the creative industry but also in mainstream industries like comics and movies.

Digital art is commonly termed under the area of new media art where it deviates from the conventional and more traditional method of art making. This is where the artist incorporates a different approach to make their art where they adopt the use of technology and digital means in the process. The final outcome of the artwork would commonly be in print of full coloured images while some artists have been known to integrate both the new and conventional means which they will then produce ‘mixed media’ artwork where it could be a digital print which would then be overlapped with acrylic and such.

The constant argument against digital art is that its creators are seen as non-artists as they are not required to have a specific artistic skill set like painting, sculpting or even print-making mainly because digital artists are very much known to be very good with the use of software and computer devices. This means that the artist only need to be good with combining the effects provided by a certain application and then project the image or draws them with the use of a stylus or a mouse. On the other hand, the argument for digital art is that the idea is the gist of the body of work and it does not matter how the work was produced. Basically, digital artists believed that the most important factor about making art would be in the conceptualizing of the idea and the transferring of the idea onto the canvas regardless of whether it is printed or painted. Hence, digital art is often closely associated with printmaking like silk-screen art.

Most digital art are seen in mainstream media especially in advertisements and film and it has a strong relationship with the likes of graphic design which is very common in desktop publishing. One of the most illustrated digital artists in Malaysia would be Muid Latif whose works in this area has gained nationwide recognition and reputation. Muid’s work was widely inspired through the works in the corporate industry. Malaysian digital artists are less known as compared to their other counterparts as they are commonly involved with projects like Milx whose work has been used in the Silver Surfer of Marvel Comics, Tan Jin Ho and the likes of Fytullah Hamzah. Muid’s work is known to be very fluid where he combines a variety of elements and then integrate them with an excellent interplay of colours and background that offers an illusion-based image.

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