The One Academy

The One Academy is one of the major institutes of higher education in Malaysia which is very popular for its design courses. Formerly known as The One Academy of Communications Design, it has grown to become one of the top institutions known to have produced some of the best designers and artists around the region today.

The One Academy is located in Bandar Sunway which was founded by Tatsun Hoi and Veronica Ho in 1991

Since then, the college has grown by leaps and bounds where it has established itself as a major player in the education sector.

At the age of 29, Tatsun was then the youngest principal of any institute of higher learning and through his passion for art education, the college has churned out successful graduates who have achieved much success in the design field and gained employment in other countries like Hong Kong, Beijing, Spain and in the United States.

Courses that are offered by The One Academy are very well recognized for their quality and content

The One Academy is very much affiliated with the industry and its relevance where it is known to educate some of the best in multimedia design which is an area in high demand today.

Among the Diploma programmes offered by The One Academy are in Multimedia Design, Advertising Design, Digital Animation, Illustration and Interior Design. Apart from that, The One Academy also offers degree through its partnership with the University of Hertfordshire where students can enrol in the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Design & Illustration and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Multimedia Design respectively.

Affiliations with other universities include the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, Swinburne University of Technology Australia, the Wanganui School of Design from the University of Waikato, New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology, Birmingham City University (Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) and the University of the West of England as well as from the United States through the College for Creative Studies and the Savannah College of Art and Design where it offers postgraduate courses in art and design.

The One Academy has been working relentlessly over the years to ensure that their graduates would achieve satisfying careers once they leave the college. Some of the students have since gained momentum in their careers where many has been employed by top companies in the industry.

Among them are Ng Chun Seong who is a Digital Animation graduate and is based in Santa Monica where he is a Modeler with Hydraulx which has been involved with special effects in Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar, The Incredible Hulk, 2012 and many others.

Matthew James La Brooy was involved as an intern with Rhythm & Hues that produced visual effects for movies like The Golden Compass and the Chronicles of Narnia. He is now the Lead Matchmove Technical Director of the company.

Another graduate of The One Academy is Tan Bee Jin who after graduating in Illustration has gone on to achieve great things in the United States where she was involved as a compositor and artist for movies like Red Cliff and Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer.

The One Academy
28, Jalan PJS 11/28A, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
email: [email protected]
tel: 603-5637 5510



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