Sophia Centre for Creative Learning

The Sophia Centre for Creative Learning is one of the recently established spaces where you can learn art and other related classes. Here is where you will experience the satisfaction of learning any art form of your choice through their specifically catered courses and classes.

In Sophia Centre, there are several classes that are offered which are catered to children and adults where the students are encouraged and nurtured to be creative in expressing themselves through the use of art.

Located in the Klang Valley, Sophia Centre helps the students to master artistic skills and techniques where classes ranging from painting, craft making, cookery and even in the performing arts like dancing and such are offered.

Depending on your preferences and interest, you can learn all the relevant techniques and skills in art from the fundamentals like drawing and colouring to the more advanced stages like glass painting and such here at Sophia Centre.

Other classes that are offered by Sophia Centre include Acrylic Tole Art, Chinese Tea Art, Children’s Art as well as the more unconventional ones like nail art, jewellery and beading, flower arrangement and even aromatherapy. On top of that, Sophia Centre also provides the likes of pottery, craft bag making and embroidery too.

Children classes in sketching and painting and the likes of oil painting are also taught to students while you can also learn languages here, encompassing Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and others. if you like, you can also attend the Chinese Cooking classes here or yoga and pilates.

The Sophia Centre also provides space and workshops for corporate companies to hold team-building activities if required. Short term workshops like pottery, artificial flower arrangement, style image skills and others are provided while you can also request for teddy bear making classes which have been held previously for certain corporate companies.

SOPHIA Centre For Creative Learning
Suite B-05-06, Level 5, Block B,
Plaza Mont’ Kiara
2 Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +603 6203 1996
Email : [email protected]


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