Whoa! Clubhouse

The Whoa! Clubhouse is one of the recently established creative activity centre catered to children from the age of 4. There are a wide variety of courses which would help the children grow in their innovative and creative explorations. This is a place where the children will learn about 2 main disciplines mainly arts and robotics where they will cultivate the love for the arts through the course.

Types of classes

Children from the age of 4 would be able to capitalize on the learning of art and painting from the team of experienced teachers here at Whoa! Clubhouse which is located at the Space U8 Eco Mall in Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam where they will learn mainly about plaster painting and its related activities. There are in total more than 200 figurine designs that the children can choose from at Whoa! Clubhouse which will help them explore their inner talents.

Apart from painting and such, there are also robotics classes for the children where they will cultivate more technical skills. There are robot kit rentals for the children which comes with their respective manual and guidebooks so that the children will be able to follow the steps easily and thereby creating their own robots and models.

Holiday courses

Children would need a place to indulge in something during the school holidays and Whoa! Clubhouse usually offer courses for them to cultivate and express their talents through art and robotics. Among the classes that are run in Whoa! Clubhouse include “I’m a storyteller” class which is catered for children from 8 years old. This is essentially a 5 days workshop where they will learn to illustrate and write a short story as well as creating a 3D model.

The 5-days “I’m a superhero” course will teach the children to draw and paint their own portrait along the motifs of superheroes. For those who like to paint and wants to be artists, they can enrol for the “I’m the next Van Gogh” course or the “Not just another paddy field painting” course which teaches them about colours and such. Other courses provided by Whoa! Clubhouse include the likes of “Paint-a-cupcake” for those between 4 and 9 years of age and the “Aliens Have Landed” classes as well.

Events and parties

Apart from classes, Whoa! Clubhouse also offers a suitable environment for the children to hold birthday parties or other group events. The environment is conducive for the children to play games and activities during these events which could be catered for groups of different sizes that include cake cutting and goodie bags for all those who attend.

Whoa! Clubhouse
13A, 2nd Floor, Space U8 Eco Mall,
Bukit Jelutong, Section U8,
40150, Shah Alam, Selangor DE
Tel: 03 5033 4817


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