Benefits of art therapy still unrecognized and unknown


Using art for therapy is not something new and this was recently given a newer breath of life at the 33rd Annual National Conference by the Canadian Art Therapy Association in Edmonton. The event saw more than 300 members of the association congregating and sharing ideas among one another on using art therapy.

According to one Sprinkle, he had previously used art for therapy for himself and as it worked, he felt that he could use it on other people too.

The psychology graduate is currently working on his post-graduate art therapy degree.

Essentially, art therapy is applying the creative process of making art to help enhance the physical, emotional and mental well-being of the person and to help them better approach their problems and such. This follows the school of thought by psychologists earlier this century that a person expresses himself through what he draws.

The associate chair of the art therapy program at St Stephens, Ara Parker said that the value of this type of psychotherapy is very new and is not very much appreciated or recognized despite the numerous researches that supports it. In fact, there have been efforts by art therapists who are helping people with mental issues to co-additions as well as those with post-traumatic stress disorders and the likes.

To a certain extent, Tzafi Weinberg of Winnipeg said that this discipline is more valued in places like Israel while it continues to inspire many others on the benefits that art therapy could bring, as stated by a student who said that it helps him to feel and experience his own emotions and to face emotions he does not like to deal with.


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