After 10 years of absence, Dr Izmer Ahmad returns with solo show depicting potent power of images

Dr Izmer Ahmad was a renowned Malaysian artist who has been quiet for about a decade now. He is currently the deputy dean of Univeristi Sains Malaysia in Penang where he has been churning his energy into the development of art education in the higher learning stages.

He however marked his comeback recently with a solo show at the Galeri Seni Mutiara at Whiteaways Arcade in Georgetown where the 44 year old artist showed off his works made between 1999 and 2012. There was 19 piece of artwork in the show entitled ‘Sensation of Images’ which ended recently which was graced by Ismail Hashim, one of Malaysia’s prominent veteran artists. Ismail said that Izmer’s work demonstrated magic and soul and while they do have elements of simplicity in them, they are all unique and have their own individualities. Izmer holds a Master of Fine Arts from Canada’s University of Victoria where he also completed his doctorate some 12 years later.

At the show, Izmer presented a video to explain his art where he is focusing on charcoal to complete his works, which is currently receiving a lot of popularity and acceptance. He said that his recent works in charcoal pretty much talks about his views that images can be very potent and powerful and is different from many other exhibitions which are usually in full-colour. He also said that although the paintings might be small in scale, the techniques involved in completing the artwork are very sophisticated and that he would be more than happy if his work evoked interests from the viewers.


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