New art village experience opens at Gillman Barracks Singapore

The regional art scene has been buzzing with excitement with the launch of the new Gillman Barracks in Singapore. According to reports, the new Gillman Barracks has much to offer as it will provide art lovers with a new way of appreciating their passion.

Basically, the Gillman Barracks is designed on top some old British Army Barracks located off Alexandra Road. It is a large space which is about 9 football fields and was refurbished using a S$10million investment. Of course, not the entire space will be used for the gallery as there are restaurants and bars operating there.

On top of that, there would be 15 art galleries available which are from both the local and international front. The next few weeks will see 13 of the galleries opening for public viewing while 2 more will be opening next year.

Check out Singapore Supernormal Art Gallery

The 2 are Pearl Lam Galleries and Kaikai Kiki Gallery respectively.

It will be quite an exciting offering as it will very much like an art village where apart from the exhibitions in the galleries, there will also be other accompanying activities like panel discussions, talks, seminars and also short films too. Among them, Tony Godfrey the exhibitions director of Equator Art Project said that there is a need to fill up the space which is not only limited only to the gallery walls and they are all working towards providing art lovers something throughout the year.

Tomio Koyama Gallery is one of the 13 set to open their doors this month and according to its director, Daisuke Watanabe, the gallery will be using art to bring people together and to ensure that such programmes are continued in the country for the region.

Typically, the Gillman Barracks was designed based on the 798 Art District of Beijing the Chelsea of New York and Heyri Art Village of South Korea.


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