Seattle Art Museum to host women artists show

The Seattle Art Museum is set to follow the example of the Pompidou Centre in Paris where it is dedicated its downtown building to women artists. The latter has for almost 2 years removed all the artwork of men artists from its modern galleries and come Fall, the former will be doing so as well.

The event at Seattle will be the first other museum apart from Pompidou which will involve 130 pieces of work by 75 female artists that have been collected for 1 decade between 1907 to 2007 and was originally not designed to travel. Hence, it would be a first of many kinds at the Seattle Art Museum which will involve artworks like paintings, sculptures, video and photography, a survey type of exhibition undertaken by the Pampidou.

However, Seattle Art Museum’s Renaissance, Asian and Native Art galleries will still be holding their own respective exhibitions by male artists. Where the exhibition in Paris is almost a totally new platform in the arts, the United States have already seen exhibitions like ‘WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution’ has already taken the public’s notice. This show was recently held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles which examined the art scene through the Pampidou event. since then, it has already gone to major cities like New York, Washington D.C and Vancouver.

The Seattle Art Museum will also be holding its women artists exhibition in another floor of its space and this would be works that were collected since the 1920s from its own permanent collection while there will also be works loaned from local collectors and private institutions. Notable works at the show would include 2 paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe which were loaned while Frida Kahlo’s ‘The Frame’ and ‘The Blue Room’ by Suzanne Valadon painted in 1923 will also be displayed.


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