MAAD, Market Of Artists And Designers

Expect the upcoming MAAD edition to be held within the building and among the museum’s permanent design concept exhibition. Original works only, expect to meet some

Street Painting

Street painting is one of the more modern type of art form which have been attracting a lot of attention recently. Street painting, as the name

Still Life Art

Still life art is often association with paintings. It is basically a work of art where the artist paints a certain combination of objects which could

Silkscreen Painting

Silkscreen paintings are often associated with the likes of screen painting and are sometimes related to the art of print making. This is because it is

Seascape Art

Seascape art is one of the many types of visual art form where the artist basically paints a scenery that involve the sea. Winslow Homer’s 1904

Sculpture Art

Sculpture art is one of the oldest art form where it is considered to be a niche in the art scene today. This is mainly because


The art of printmaking covers many techniques. Basically it is an art form where involves printing and this would usually be on paper. Printmaking differs from

Pastel Art

Pastel art is basically a type of art medium which is often associated with crayons. One must be aware that pastel and crayons are 2 different

Paper Art

Paper art is known as a type of art form that is often intertwined with the crafts. This is because paper art requires a certain amount

Mural Art or Graffiti Art

Mural art is referred to as an art form which is applied directly on a surface of a building. This would usually be a wall while

Mixed Media

Mixed media is a term used in visual art where it refers to the producing of any artwork using more than one type of media. Basically,

Installation Art

The area of installation art is an exciting art form because it provides a very different way of making art. Installation art is very different from

Glass Art

Glass art is commonly used to refer to artwork which is often large and is more modern. Basically, they are called glass art because they are

Digital Art

Digital art is one of the more modern art form where it incorporates digital technology as part of the process in making art. Despite the name

Composition in art

The term ‘composition’ has often been used in art because it is considered to be one of the most unique techniques of any artist. Basically, composition

Ceramic art

The area of ceramic art is said to originate from pottery art. This is because ceramic art involves the creation of tiles, tableware and other objects

Where and how to buy good art?

Even if you have the money to buy art, that does not mean that you just go out to the market and buy just about every

Textile Arts

Textile art is perhaps one of the oldest art form where it is believed to have existed in the early days of civilization. Basically each culture

Collage Art

Collage is an art form which is often being associated with installation art. This is because collage art commonly involves the use of different material in

Grants for Arts Malaysia

Financial aid for Artists At one point of the career of any artist, there will be a need to inject funds. This can be done through

Malaysia top Art residency programmes

Residency to promote artists One of the very unique activities that Malaysian artists embark into is in residency programmes. This is where certain organizations provide a

Top Street Paintings

Murals are just amazing artwork that are produced in large scale by artists. Instead of the bland and single-toned walls, buildings get a whole new look

Planning before you start painting

As with any other projects, it is highly essential that you lay out your plans before embarking onto a painting. This will ensure that you have

Mukhriz Nikon graffiti

Top 10 Malaysian Graffiti Artists

Graffiti art has often been associated with vandalism but in today’s artistic world, it has changed tremendously. Graffiti artists have been making waves all across the

malaysia expensive art

Why is art so expensive?

Art, as we know it seems to be a distant purchase especially if you are working on a monthly salary to make ends meet. In today’s

Minimalism Art

Minimalism, as the name implies is a type of art which strips off unnecessary elements in the artwork and focuses on the fundamental elements to give


The Modernism movement is referred to the thoughts, expression or practice that adopts a modern approach. In the art discipline it describes an approach which reacts

How to maintain your canvas art

(Oil and Acrylic Paintings) An oil or acrylic painting can last forever or a long time if taken care of properly. Here are some tips to

Illustration Art in Malaysia

Illustration Art in Malaysia

The area of illustration and art has often been associated with each other and the debate has been going on for years, if not decades. This

The 8 As of Curating an Art Show

So you want to be an art curator? How should you do it and where to start? That would be the common questions that you will

More Art Suppliers

Craft Cottage Creative Cottage is art and craft material supplier that operates within the Amcorp Mall Shopping Centre. The company is involved in all types of

What Do Art Curators Do?

For any art exhibitions to be successful there are certain people who are actually involved and responsible. Whether it is a painting show, installation or sculptures

The ABCDE of pricing your art

Whether you make paintings or sculptures, it is important your art is priced reasonably so that the collectors are able to buy them and you might

How to Draw Human Faces

Most people are known to put off drawing after facing difficulties drawing human figures. Contrary to such perceptions, drawing human figures and faces are not as

Should you Varnish a Painting?

There are many arguments for and against varnishing a painting. What is it exactly? Varnishing refers to the final layer which is applied on a painting

The 3 L’s you need to research on

The 3 L’s you need to research on

As an artist, you will find yourself mingling among the artistic crowd most of the time. You will be hanging around with them, engaging in dialogues

Turn your hobby into an income

Art is more than just a hobby. In fact, there are many facets to art that you can take up where it could be more than

Know your brushes

One of the fundamental skills of an artist is the ability to paint beautiful pictures. So, if you want to be a good artist, you must

Malaysian Chinese Arts

China has one of the oldest tradition and heritage in the world. Since its earliest kingdoms that dates back to years B.C, art from China has

Malaysian Arts and Crafts

One of the most unique elements of Malaysia is in its arts and crafts. These are 2 distinctive elements which are often used interchangeably although they

History of Malaysian Art

Malaysia has one of the most developed and active art scenes in the region. It is home to some of the most exciting and interesting artists

Is Graffiti Art real art?

You would have seen graffiti art by now. They are on signboards, along railway walls, on trains and even in art galleries. Some of them are

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