The World’s Most Expensive Brushes used in Art

The Artist’s Brush

The logic is simple. You can never be too stingy when it comes to art. If you are a painter, you know how crucial your tools are. And we are talking about the brush. Getting the right ones means you have to invest in a good one. We list out the most expensive (and best) brushes below.

Kolinsky Sable Brushes

To put that in context, the biggest Kolinsky Sable brush takes close to 2 weeks to produce. It dates back to 1866 when it was made under the request of then Queen Victoria. Imagine having more than a hundred years to fine-tune this brush.

Price: The Kolinsky Sable Series 7 brush is priced at more than RM1,200 each. To put that in context, a standard paintbrush should not be more than RM1.
Interesting Fact: The brush head is made from a Siberian weasel hair known as the Kolinsky Sable. The hair is said to be worth 3 times more than gold.

The other brushes

Besides the Kolinsky Sable brushes, the rest of the brushes do not come close in terms of price. However, they are still considered expensive when it comes to the cost of having these tools.

Virtuoso Brushes

The set comes in 15 pieces and is known to be very durable while maintaining its posture. They come with large handles which makes them comfortable when held. This is a set of brush which makes perfect sense for quality and being complete.

Grumbacher Goldenedge Acrylic Paint Brush

Any artist will know the brand Grumbacher that produces top quality tools and paints. The Goldenedge brush is made from synthetic fiber which makes it ideal for acrylic paints. It comes in 9 sizes and is among the most affordable among the lot.

Princeton Acrylic Paint Brush

The top range brush from Princeton will cost about RM150. What makes the Princeton Acrylic Paint Brush so attractive is that you can use it for both acrylic and oil (although it is not mentioned). Made from hog fiber bristle, it is known for its durability that lasts a long time.

Mont Marte Gallery Series

Each set costs about RM100 and it is a name that needs very little introduction. Made from Taklon synthetic bristles, they do not frail easily after washing and is easy with water. You will also like its handle although it might lack in size choices.

Royal & Langnickel Brushes

This brand might be the cheapest among the lot but it dates back to more than 70 years. It is very good for acrylic paint and can last a long time if properly maintained.


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