MAAD, Market Of Artists And Designers

Expect the upcoming MAAD edition to be held within the building and among the museum’s permanent design concept exhibition. Original works only, expect to meet some of the most dexterous crafters, artists and designers working with unique, quirky, handmade or original creations ranging from ceramics, literature, art and accessories.

Since 2006, Red Dot Design Museum has been organising MAAD, Market of Artists And Designers.  This is a grassroots initiative to promote local designers and artists by presenting a platform to showcase and sell their original works to the public. It continues to be the largest and most influential creative marketplace and platform to connect with its audiences.

In 2018, MAAD entered into a new chapter with a new location at the Marina Bay Promenade. Collaborative partnerships with the i Light Marina Bay and the Singapore Design Week had also enabled the MAAD to be even more vibrant, with special appearances by crafters and designers from the region. Series of craft & design workshops were also organised at the Red Dot Design Museum.

MAAD, Market Of Artists And Designers, is the largest recurring creative marketplace in Singapore promoting creations, designs, innovations and originality. It is initiated by the museum in 2006.

One Friday night of each month, the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore hosts a creative platform, MAAD [Market of Artists And Designers] for enterprising creatives to showcase their works and talents. Since July 2006, MAAD has been running with a seed funding from Creative Community Singapore program launched by the Ministry of Information, Community and the Arts. The event have since attracted some 3,000 attendees at the monthly gathering and have become an effective contact point to test-market the viability of creative ideas and an opportunity for artists to associate and connect as a community.

MAAD is the longest and largest recurring creative marketplace in Singapore, promoting creations, designs, innovations, creativity and originality. The marketplace have since grown to host one of the largest concentration of creatives. In addition, multidisciplinary artist Andy Yang curates the music segment MAAD Sounds! The live performance involves many homegrown musicians performing original music, designed sounds. 

You can also get your portrait drawn by the artistic community at the Organisation of Illustrators Council’s #PortraitsAfterDark.

Singapore’s artistic and design community gathers monthly at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore for a night of pop-ups, and promises a monthly dosage of talented artistry, design, creativity, and late night shopping!

“Red Dot once again plays host to our favorite gathering of artists and designers… Less like a flea and more like a monthly festival, we’ve come to love MAAD for its dedication enabling all your creative and musical endeavours and that’s why we can’t resist another sleepover.”

— JUICE Singapore

“MAAD is fast becoming our favourite market. It’s a great place to browse and snap up original creative works put together by the local design & artistic community against the backdrop of DJs, live music performances and a makeshift bar right inside the museum.”

— City Nomads

Participate at MAAD

Next session estimated to be held in the 2nd half of 2017 to participate

MAAD Dates

Last session at 28 Maxwell Road has ended on the 7 April before the building undergoes refurbishment.

Next session estimated to be held in the 2nd half of 2017


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