Top 10 Tattoo Artists in Malaysia

Body art or tattoos, once deemed taboo in many societies have become trendy and sought after in recent years. In Malaysia, more people are now on the bandwagon, using tattoos as a form of self-expression.

World-class and Malaysian-based tattoo artists

While one can easily get a tattoo anywhere, finding the right one or a good one can sometimes be quite a challenge. Here is a list of the top 10 Malaysian tattoo artists in the last few years.

Mae Oh – Blank Canvas Tattoos

You might have seen some of Mae’s work including the black and white floral tattoos. It is very common to see floral tattoos but not all artists can create a signature floral piece like how Mae does. She creates designs that have a vintage feel and yet are distinctive to her own uniqueness.

Eddie – Borneo Ink Tattoo

One of the most popular names in the Malaysian tattoo industry, it is also among the earliest to be established. Located in Mont Kiara, Borneo Ink began operations back in 2002 and has been going strong ever since.

Eddie is no stranger to some of the most beautiful artwork done. Known to use his roots in Sarawak and Iban art in his work, he is among the most sought-after artists around, while the studio has won awards both internationally and regionally.

Yang Lee Tattoo

This tattoo studio is renowned for its work that exudes oriental designs. Located in SS2, they have 3 very professional and established artists who work on personalized designs as well as some of their own creations.

Yi Min

Yi Min’s work has always been known for her unique interpretations of Chinese-inspired artwork. Her use of animal characters too has been highly commended.

She is among the few who uses hand-poked needles, which means lesser pain and more intricate lines. Another signature from Yi Min is her clever use of negative space and is a great option for newbies.

Simple Lim Tattoo Academy

Operating in USJ, Simple Lim is a fine artist who studied design before venturing into the tattoo industry.

As the name implies, the studio also provides classes for anyone aspiring to become a tattoo artist through its Tattoo Art Education program that covers practical training, the study of tools and equipment, drawing techniques and other related areas.

Con Ele

Con Ele is one of the top female tattoo artists in Malaysia today. Known for her works of intricate lines and motifs, she has quite a strong reputation for her work depicting pets.

To date, she has reportedly created more than 100 tattoos of dogs which have become quite her signature among her customers. Besides that, she has been known for her quirky and unique ideas in her work too.

Black Cat Tattoo Studio

Joshua and Elton are the brothers behind Black Cat Tattoo Studio, which has been in operation since 2008. They are joined by Kevin and with more than a decade of experience, they have worked on some of the most exquisite designs and creations for their customers.

Here, you can use your own imaginations or let them come up with something that suits your taste be it tribal, Celtic, portraiture or others.

Sugee Wee

Many of her customers call her a minimalist when she was asked to recommend a design. The go-to tattoo artist especially among those going for their first as she is gentle and very professional.

This is because she uses hand-poked needles instead of the more conventional machine-gun ones. On top of that, it also ensures finer lines and outcomes too.

Yee – October Tattoo Studio

One of the most established (and sought-after) tattoo artists who has been around for more than a decade now, some of Yee’s most memorable works include her Japanese motif works. This includes some very colorful designs and geisha-inspired tattoos while she has also produced some anime-related designs too.

Raice Wong – Inktime Studio

Raice Wong’s works have often been referred to in the hyper-realistic category. This is where they deviate from the more traditional, monotone designs and are more colorful in nature. Not many tattoo artists produce hyper-realism works that are colorful like that of Raice Wong and that makes her stand out among the many others in the market.


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