House of Matahati or known in short as HOM is one of Malaysia’s most prominent and established art movements. It is an independent art group which is made up of art spaces that include a gallery, studio facilities and others.

The project was started in 2007 which is an initiative run by Malaysian artists to provide the space for art events and it related areas.

One of the prominent projects undertaken by Matahati is its Matahati Art Residency programme while the movement also embarks on the Matahati Art fund and Art Awards respectively which is aimed at offering assistance and help for Malaysian artists.

Exhibitions and shows are held at the Matahati gallery where they bring up and coming as well established art work to the Malaysian public.

Apart from that, HOM also holds various other events like dialogues, discussions and such which are aimed at educating the public and create more awareness about Malaysian artists and art. One of its signature show include the ‘Artriangle’ which is annual art exhibition that draws artist from around Asia.

Matahati is the brainchild of 5 prominent Malaysian artists namely Ahmad Fuad Osman, Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Masnoor Ramli Mahmud and Hamir Soib @Mohamed and was formed in 1993 to push Malaysian art onto a higher level.

The group is credited for being instrumental in propelling Malaysian art onto the international in many aspects while it has also helped to nurture aspiring Malaysian artists into establishing themselves in the art scene.

Shows conducted at Matahati:

Sager @ Matahati

POPUP @ Matahati

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