Banking on the words of the great Pop artist Andy Warhol that everyone will be able to have the chance to be famous for ’15 minutes’ is the POPUP show held at the House of Matahati (HOM). This essentially is an art exhibition that brings together a group of artists from various generations where they offer their take and expressions in defining and re-inventing their perception of Pop art through their own ways and methods of spontaneous visual interpretation.

The artwork at the show are all made through the lens of the respective artists that include Shafee Ramli, Nizam Rahmat, Azrin Mohd, Nizam Abdullah, Alicecia Tan, Akhmal Asyraf, Fendy Zakri, Mohd Azlan, Khairul Arshad, Anisa Abdullah, Nizam Abdullah and Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj and the event will be held at the HOM’s gallery in Taman Cempaka on Saturday, June 9.

If you are lover of this contemporary art form, you will find that the POPUP show will offer more than just art as each artist will be showing off their personal collection and artwork of what they perceive Pop art to be

More than just printmaking and the play of colours, it represents a whole different genre through the expressions of these artworks. The exhibition will run through to 23 June where you will be welcomed through to a journey of the artistic movement by the renowned Malaysian artists where you will be infested with a collection of art, philosophy and passion which travels back in time in retrospect using colours, composition, iconic images and other media.


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