The Malaysian art scene is one of the most vibrant and fastest growing industries in Malaysia.

This is because there is a need for balance in the community as well as the rising need for the appreciation of arts, culture and the traditions of which Malaysia is known for.

Where this is concerned, Malaysian artists have charted their career not only within the country but have also been widely successful in other countries as well.

Hence, there is a constant need for a periodical publication on Malaysian art and artists to constantly educate the Malaysian public about the developments and promotions of the local art scene which is informative, resourceful as well as relevant.

This is where the publication Senikini comes into play

It is an art magazine which is published every 2 months (6 times a year) that offers a wide range of information to the Malaysian public about the local art industry.

This publication is an effort put in place by the National Art Gallery which is aimed at offering Malaysians insights in the arts and culture of the country.

The magazine is 20 pages and is filled with articles, images and any other relevant information which might be of interest to the reader.

Here is where one is able to find a multi-disciplinary magazine that offers the likes of interviews, projects, essays, dialogues, issues and many more to promote and highlight any art-related events and information to the audiences not only in Malaysia but also to the surrounding regions as well.


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