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October 11, 2012
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Malaysia Week 2012 Festival in London brings Malaysia to the world

The Malaysian Tourism Board recently brought the country o London at the widely publicized Malaysia Week 2012 Festival in the United Kingdom. It was a week long festival held at one of the most prominent art centres of the world where the people of England and other visitors to the country had a chance to savour a taste of Malaysia, from food to culture, history and more importantly arts.

There was a wide variety of items on show that were specifically intended to demonstrate the unique culture of Malaysia that also covered music, fashion and such. The event was held from 6th October to 10th October where it was a good chance for the locals there to understand better the unique multi-cultural environment of Malaysia. There were traditional dance performances from the various communities like the Malay, Chinese, Indian and the East Malaysia communities of Sabah and Sarawak while the traditional Malaysian Orchestra also performed.

And then, there was the food where Teh Tarik, Roti Canai, Ice Kacang and Satay were served. Apart from that, Malaysian art was also given a chance to showcase at the Festival. This was where 6 Malaysian artists were given the chance to showcase their artworks of paintings and sculptures that exuded the traditional Malaysian art forms respectively.

The Festival was held at London’s Southbank, the event was free of charge that also include demonstration of the Malaysian craft and items where the Malaysian Batik was one of the highlights as well as many others that made it to the show.

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