Does Creativity comes naturally or can it be developed?

Does Creativity comes naturally or can it be developed

Everyone tells you that if you want to be an artist, you must be creative. So, does that mean that artists are naturally creative people or that you cannot be an artist if you do not possess this element? What is creativity really? Is it something which is born with the person or one which can be cultivated and developed as you grow older?

Creativity is typically an ability to create something and depending which direction you are coming from, it is where you provide an alternative explanation and expression of a certain issue.

This involves looking and perception of a certain issue or ways of solving a problem like they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. However, creativity is not an excuse for being lazy, just like art.

The rule of thumb is that everyone is creative

It largely depends on how much you can leverage from your own creativity which matters. One thing for sure, creativity is not in-born. No one is born creative which means artists are not born but bred. In fact everyone is born creative. As you grow older, you mature and you slowly develop different problem-solving techniques.

Being an artist, your responsibilities are to convey messages

Like art, creativity is very subjective and highly interpretable. While an interpretation of a flower can be rose or a woman, the latter would usually garner the ‘more creative’ remarks because it invokes the person’s thoughts and emotions. Typically this means that if you push your imagination a bit further, you will be able to project an alternative viewpoint of a specific message.

Another misconception that artists get is that creativity and talent work hand in hand where if you don’t have talent, then you are not creative.

This is truly something which is totally wrong. There are surely certain talents which are naturally born where you might be good with a specific skill but it is also something which can be developed.

You might not be a good painter but you might be a good printmaker. There are so many facets of art where you can grow in. Some artists are very good in painting because they had some talent and they developed the skill throughout their lives while some are better in other means.

It is never too late to start your creativity development

Contrary to some beliefs, it is not something which can only start during childhood. No doubt if you have started during the early stages of your life, you can always indulge and start working on being more creative at any time of your life.

It does not mean that just because you started attending art classes from the age of 5 that you have developed to be a ‘creative’ person. The rule of thumb is that it is never too late in life to create anything.

So you can be creative only when you decide to. It is not in-born and can mature overtime. All you need is to get your thoughts and imagination right and then interpret them in the media that you like. Practice a bit more and you are well on your way.


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