The 3As of sellable art

The 3As of sellable art

Art as many would tell you is very subjective. Some even say that art is something so subjective that there is no way you can define it. The challenge of course is not to define art in any way because everyone from the artists to collectors and art lovers and the public would have their own way of interpretation and hence, it would be easier to define what is good art in a commercial sense.

It all boils down to what you want to achieve and this context will dwell upon trying to sell your art

One thing for sure, art is a discipline that would never die. This is where it has been around for centuries and the longer these works survive, the better it is. The trick is to get through to the first step.


This is the first element which will make people take notice of you. As an artist, you need to inject the attraction factor into your body of work. Whether it is a painting, a sculpture or an installation, how your work attracts the viewer is very important. Some artists have used thought provoking messages to get the attention of art lovers where they either work on issues like politics, current issues and such. While sexual messages would garner attention in almost every other media, the art industry differs where you will be perceived as using the ‘easy way out’ if you do. Think carefully what would attract the viewers. In doing so, you will automatically be driven to produce art with relevant issues that are contemporary and current.


Unless you are not in the scene to sell your art, there must be some form of decorative elements in your body of work. This is where your painting or sculpture must be aesthetically pleasing where the collectors could put them in their living rooms where they can show off to their guests. Only under very rare circumstances would your painting be kept in the hidden places of the house. This means that while you want to keep your artistic techniques and values, you have to consider who will be buying them and where they intend to display your art. In this context, installations which take up a large space would not sell very well.


Ultimately, the work that your collectors would be buying must be artistic. No doubt you want to sell your painting but collectors would want to buy a piece which exudes and demonstrates your techniques and your reputation. If you are a watercolour artist, your painting would show the best of your watercolour techniques where the collectors can appreciate each time they look at it. Your artistic demeanour must be seen and shown when the collectors explain the work to their guests. Hence, it is not just a painting but a painting by Mr. who and who which will give the work a bit more leverage. Otherwise, there is no reason for the collector to buy a piece of artwork produced specifically by you.


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