Is it important to develop your own personal painting style?

Being an artist is not merely creating artwork and try to sell them in the market. It is definitely more than that where you will have to develop your own style and persona. Much like an actor or a singer, you must have your own personal painting style which will distinguish you from other painters and this is very crucial or otherwise you could just be an ordinary painter.

Basically, the main reason why you need a personal painting style is so that people who do not know you could remember you through your brush strokes and in certain situations even identify other artists who are ‘like you’. The last thing you want others to remember you is relate your work with others.

Having your own personal painting style will also be desirable for galleries.

So, how do you start to develop your own style?

The most common way to do this is to first look for a mentor. Take note that there really aren’t any style that has not been used before and until you can derive one totally unique style and approach, you will surely be ‘influenced’ by a specific movement. If you like pop art, then you will find your paintings to be very colourful and in most cases, looking very much like advertising posters.

There is no problem in following the style of a certain old master artist but the most important thing that you need to do is to change with the times. There is absolutely no reason for you to stick to one movement because you need to cultivate your own style eventually. This can be achieved through hours or practice. You could have started off wanting to work around expressionism but after a few years, you might develop a penchant for pop art or realism or a combination of both. The good thing about this is that you can actually integrate a few types of movement into your work.

Another method to find your own style is to do a bit of everything

This will allow you to open up markets to different types of galleries and collectors. Be careful not to cheapen your work in doing everything. Of course, the rule of thumb is to work on styles that suit you and that you are capable of doing. If you are not any good with still life, then that is one area you might not want to venture. If you are better with flats, then derive many aspects of it. Then see what the galleries are saying. They will give you the best feedback about what you can do and then you can develop from there.

After all, they will know how to sell your work based on the feedback from the collectors

Ultimately, you are still free to choose the style that you like but the opinions of your stakeholders are important. Your personal painting style will ascertain the type of artist you are and this is where you must avoid making drastic changes to your style. Stay consistent and before long, people will remember your paintings to who you are.

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