Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery can be previewed online

In a move to help promote Chinese culture and the arts, NV Multi Asia Group recently launched a website that exhibits outdoor calligraphic art. According to Datuk Kong Hon Kong, the Managing Director and CEO of NV Multi Asia Group, the Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery will allow visitors to the site to view the stone gallery and learn more about their histories.

The effort started in 2009 when Nirvana invited calligraphers to join the effort which is aimed to attract more people to appreciate this less commercial art form. Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung, the Deputy Higher Education Minister launched the project at the Nirvana Memorial Centre. Basically, it is an online avenue where visitors are able to view the works of art at the physical gallery in Semenyih. There are essentially more than 150 calligraphic steles at the park in which the stele records perennial historical events and ceremonial recitals that were practiced in different times throughout history.

This way, the visitors will be able to learn more about the history of the art form and learn more about the wisdom, heritage of its history. Apart from that, the stone gallery, which is already 90% in its completion will also feature examples of oracle bone script and semi-cursive writings, all of which will showcase a segment of the Chinese ancient art. The Stone Gallery is an ideal place for culture and art lovers to learn more not only about this art form but also to grasp the rich heritage and history of the Chinese culture as well.


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