Students redesign shop shutters at 1 Shamelin Mall’s KL Street Art Festival

malaysia-klsaf2013The 1 Shamelin Kuala Lumpur shopping mall recently had an artistic ‘facelift’. This came in the shape of the Kuala Lumpur Street Art Festival or KLSAF 2013 where street artists were given the platform to showcase their skills and methods in the mall.

Known in some places as graffiti art, the artists were given shop shutters instead of flat surfaced walls to hone their skills. 100 shop shutters at the 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall were given the makeover and it was part of the mission of 1 Shamelin KL to be a hub for young Malaysian artists to showcase their stuff.

The competition offered RM16,500 in cash prizes which was coordinated by the MYC! Or Malaysia Youth Community in which the venue was within the mall itself. The grand finale was held 3 days before Christmas where the general public was given the chance to enjoy the artworks.

Over 100 art students participated in the event where they painted using Dulux paint. The students were mainly from Saito College, MSU (Management and Science University) and Dasein Academy of Art. They had to paint their designs on the theme of Major Asian City which were Seoul, Tokyo and at home, Kuala Lumpur. The grand prize was won by Ken Lee from Saito who took home RM10,000.


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