The Dasein Academy of Art

The Dasein Academy of Art is one of the established institutes of higher education that offers academic qualifications in the arts. The name Dasein is derived from a connotation used in German philosophy which forms the underlying idea of the school.

Dasein Academy of Art was established in 1997 by a group of people who were art enthusiasts as well as strong educators. They were professionals looking to embark onto an idea to offer art education in a specialized and dedicated school so that graduates are able to fully manifest their potential and capabilities in the industry.

Since then, Dasein Academy has grown to become one of the specialized schools, offering courses in several areas of art through the combination of industry-relevant courses and by actual practitioners of the industry.

Dasein offers education which is holistic and fulfilling for the students where they are able to inject their creativity through a guided approach while expressing their ideas through the unique curriculum designed and catered to their needs.

Courses that are offered in Dasein Academy encompass a variety of fields and this include Graphic Design where one would learn the fundamentals of design all the way to the advance stages that covers the likes of typography, photography, drawing and others.

Animation courses are also offered where students learn several techniques and methods of using computer graphics and tools. This course has a 3 year duration where the student will be exposed to basic design skills and mainly in the animation processes.

Apart from that, Dasein is also renowned for its Mass Communication course in which the student will learn all the theories and methodologies adopted in communications in the mass media and such. The fine art course in Dasein is one of its most unique ones where it offers students with the exposure and education on all the different traits of fine art like painting, sculptures, print making and others.

The Dasein Academy of Art is closely affiliated with several international institutes where students are able to pursue further after completing their course here. This is where they can continue and complete their undergraduate degrees with the likes of Ming Chuan University, Taiwan, RMIT University, Australia, Teesside University, The University of Gloucestershire, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK and New Zealand’s Whanganui School Of Design.

There are more than ample facilities in Dasein Academy that provides the students an ideal environment to study and express themselves in art. Here is where one will find a complete space that encompasses its own art library, a public gallery, computer labs with up-to-date machines, a fine art studio as well as sculpture workshop.

Among individuals who have made a name for themselves in the art scene since leaving Dasein Academy are the likes of Muji Lee Mok Yee whose works have been exhibited in spaces like klpac, the Art Expo Malaysia and the Artseni Gallery. Apart from that, Cheng Yen Peng has also charted a successful name for herself as one of the emerging contemporary artists in recent years.

Dasein Academy of Art
3A-12G, Jualan Wangsa Delima 10,
Desa Wangsa,
53300 Sec 5 Wangsa Maju,
Contact: 03-4142-2990


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