Matic Art Gallery

Hosted by Malaysia Tourism

The Matic Art Gallery is housed within its rustic and traditional building in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Matic stands for Malaysian Tourism Centre and with such a strong backing, this gallery has played a major role in helping to promote the travel and tourism through Malaysian art and culture.

Home to major exhibitions

Over the years, Matic Art Gallery has hosted all types of exhibitions in order to boost and develop the Malaysian art scene while promoting Malaysian culture as well. Among the prominent shows held recently was the Easter Woman Exhibition that featured the paintings by Firoozeh Golahammadi, a very popular and established artist from Iran. The show was held in conjunction with the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival.

Why Matic Art Gallery?

What makes Matic Art Gallery such an interesting space is that it can hold exhibitions that benefit the society and art community as whole. While promoting Malaysia tourism, it offers artists the opportunity to showcase their works to local Malaysians as well as those who are visiting the country. As such, their exposure can be limitless, bridging across countries and communities via word of mouth and experience.


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