– the modern and contemporary movement of Malaysian arts


The Malaysian art scene is one of the most vibrant and dynamic ones not only within the Asian region but also around the world. Malaysian artists have widely exhibited their works in major galleries and museums around the world for decades while the local art scene continues to grow and develop with artists continuously showing their compelling artwork to the art loving community and enthusiasts.

Throughout the history of Malaysian art, various groups and art movements have existed and played a major role in promoting and developing the local art scene, offering programmes and dialogues that help artists in their respective careers while simultaneously pushing Malaysian art to a higher level. is one of the groups that have been actively bringing aspiring artists and allowing established ones to further expand their horizons into producing cutting-edge and international standard body of work.

Essentially, is a modern and contemporary movement which focuses on Malaysian art and artists. We advocate the need for high quality art work and provides the platform for Malaysian artists to not only showcase their work both in online and offline channels but also as a driver of the true Malaysian art identity.

Malaysia is generously endowed with a rich culture and historical heritage. It is a country bestowed with a multi-cultural environment with people from all walks of life and races live in harmony in unity. Hence, it is common that there are many influences of Malaysian culture among artists from different schools and eras. heeds this scenario and pushes the need for a strong and distinct Malaysian identity when it comes to art.

Against this backdrop, holds true to the Malaysian personality and advocates the way forward for Malaysian art and artists. While artists cannot defy the strong influences of western art movements like expressionism and realism, provides the very genuine definition of Malaysian art values.

As an advocate of this highly unique art form and expression, is well positioned to promote and push Malaysian art to a higher level. It is through this experience and vast network of artists and art that is able to further use the channels available to educate not only the art community but also artists and the related circles of the availability of a truly original art form vested through the multi-cultural backdrop of Malaysia and catered specifically for the surrounding regions and ultimately the global art scene.


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