Arts come alive at MapFest

For the love of the arts, head down to Malacca where the Mapfest 2012 or Melaka Art and Performance Festival is being held. What better place to hold this event than the most historical state of Malaysia and a UNESCO heritage site with a wide range of activities and events being held throughout the weekend.

There will be performances brought to the event and it will involve more than 50 artists from both the local and international front

Expect artists from Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, South Korea and as far as the United States, Canada, Ireland, Morocco, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil and Ghana as well as from Malaysia to showcase their talents to the enjoying crowd.

The performances will take place along historical streets of St Paul’s Hill where it will be an ideal location for everyone to enjoy the expression of culture and the arts. There will be events like Cerita Pendek 1 and 2 as well as exhibitions of the visual arts.

Essentially, the Cerita Pendek event will integrate all types of performance arts for everyone which will be held over 2 nights while there will be a finale on Sunday entitled ‘Eulogy for the Living’. The supporter of the event is the Malaysia convention and Exhibition Bureau and there will be a workshop by the Asanti Dance Theatre.

Apart from that, other organisations involved in Mapfest 2012 include the Tourism Ministry, E-Plus Entertainment, Mercatus Plus, Badan Warisan Malaysia and is produced by the Arts and Performance Festival Melaka and is also supported by various governments like Australia, the Netherlands, France and others.


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