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Hanoi Library holds painting and sculpture exhibition to honour Apple icon Steve Jobs

An exhibition was recently held at the National Library of Hanoi in Vietnam which honours one of the most remarkable inventors of the century, the late Steve Jobs, the man who brought the world the iPhone and the iPad and many other cutting-edge devices.

Steven Paul Jobs died in October 5 a year ago and the painting and sculpture exhibition was held to commemorate the 1st death anniversary of the Apple icon. Sponsored by the US Embassy in Vietnam, the exhibition as entitled ‘Think Different’ where it involves 21 portraits of Jobs and some acknowledgements of his contributions not only to the Information Technology field but also to the entire world.

Dr Nguyen Duc Tien, a big fan of Jobs himself and an economist in profession initiated the project where he worked with painter Bui Van Khoa to bring the show to reality that include works like ‘The Disciplines’ which demonstrates Job’s relationship with his corporate rival Bill Gates of Microsoft and personal friend. Apart from that, there was also a 2-meter tall bust of Jobs sculpture made by Le Dinh Quy, a renowned sculptor in Vietnam.

The late Jobs has been known to be a very charismatic leader in the company and one who always dared to take risks which saw his company climb from an unknown technology organisation that was making losses to becoming the most valuable company in the world today. He left behind a legacy unmatched by anyone with world-demanding products of high quality and exemplary designs.

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