Emerging Malaysian Artists you should take note of

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Malaysia is a hot-pot of art where there are constantly new and emerging artists who graduate each year while many established ones are continuously producing some of the best art in the region. This is because of the healthy art scene locally and the rich culture that the country is so known for. Below is the list for some of the emerging artists that you should ‘follow’.


Dzarull Jeffry – Dzarul is one of the few amazing graffiti artists around who is known for the intricate works with strong messages.

Hesharm Ebrahim – Hesharm is known for his simplistic landscape art which are produced with such articulateness. His paintings of local sceneries through this western-inspired style is one to behold and something that should be taken note of.

Hsulynn Pang – This female artist is known for her works in watercolor and in typography with great technique and flair that makes her such a remarkable artist of her time.

Dani Jamal – Not many digital artists can do what Dani does who is an emerging artist in this area. The print on actor Fazura has her reposting the image in her own profile.

Dribblack – This is the name which inspired dribbapparel, a T-shirt line owned by the artist which started with tagging of artistes like Neelofa and Altimet and known for the ultra-realistic style of art.

Sarah Joan Mokhtar – Sarah Joan is a professional comic artist and with works and looks like hers, it is no surprise that she is moving up the ranks so quickly.

Mimi Mashud – Besides being an up-and-coming artist, Mimi has already published an art book based on her journey to Beijing, China and is known for her intricate work in graphic design. A remarkable achievement from Mimi is her works in Henry Golding’s YouTube travel vlog channel.

Miriam Omar– Miriam’s work can often be associated with modern pop art. The motif is linked to hipster and not too conventional which is what the current art scene needs.

Emila Yusof– Emila is a contemporary and modern artist. She has published children books as well as for adults while being involved in designing the front cover of travel magazines locally while charting her career in printmaking.

Katun – Katun is quite an established graffiti artist who translates the messages pretty ‘loudly’ besides producing artwork on paper.

Syukri Shairi – Syukri’s work is inspired from his travels abroad where he has gone several times before returning to the country. Overseas, Syukri had already charted a name for himself as a serious artist that continues until present day.


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