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July 3, 2015
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July 7, 2015

TIGA – Intricate paper works in Kickstarter Project

malaysia TIGAIf you are an art lover and advocates Malaysian art, then you should get involved with the Kickstarters project. As the name implies, it is a crowdfunding initiative started in 2014 which mainly covers Malaysian art projects. The Tiga is one of the current projects in this platform.

The name Tiga comes from the BM word ‘Three’. This is in reference to the 3 biggest passions which are sketching and line, beautiful paper and inspirational art. 3 artists from the Southeast Asian region have got together to produce a ‘sketchbook’ that represents their individuality respectively.

The artists are Vince Low, Kerby Rosanes and Peisy Ting which involves all types of artwork ranging from branding design to the type of paper used. The books are hardcover publications that use Classy Covers by Favini of Italy’s material for the black cover.

There is a piece of art on every cover together with the name of the artist articulately crafted on the spine that comes with 8 sketches produced by the respective artist. The sketches are all done on premium coloured paper from Favini and are printed in gold, black, silver or white ink.

The process of selecting the right paper and materials went through a lot of discussion and exercise. From the challenge of finding the supply of palm paper and combining art with high quality paper and then to discovering Vince Low and Kerby Rosanes on blogs, the Tiga story then started. As part of the Kickstarter project, Tiga is looking for a $25000 AUD funding and has already achieved more than half of that amount at press time.

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