The Asian League of Institutes of the Arts established by art schools across 15 Asian countries

The Asian League of Institutes of the Arts was recently established and it was a joint effort by art schools from 15 countries. The educational body was formed to create a strong bond between the respective art schools of the countries and was aimed at offering art training to students from the less-privileged background.

Park Jong-won, the president of the Korea National University of Arts was elected as the first president of the league and countries that were involved in this noble initiative were from Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Malaysia.

The vice-presidents of the league were Ju Tzong-Ching, president of Taipei National University of Arts, and Erdenetsogt Sonintogos, rector of Mogolian State University of Arts and Culture while Soeprapto Soedjono, the rector of the Mongoloian State University of Arts and Culture is the auditor of the programme which will be developing a joint-curriculum for the arts and other events like conferences, seminars and open debates. Apart from that, there would also be international volunteering which would help to strengthen the ties and promote cultural exchange between the members.

This initiative mirrors and is supported by its counterpart in Europe, which is the European League of Institutes of the Art or ELIA which represents about 350 art schools across Europe comprising of 47 countries and stemming across all related disciplines of the arts like Fine Art, Theatre, Media Arts, Architecture and many others where efforts like these will surely promote a more regional type of exposure for artists to further expand their horizons to greater heights.


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